A Message From Dr. GarciaA native New Mexican, Dr. Manuel Garcia first started working in Farmington 14 years ago, and has practiced at San Juan Veterinary Hospital since 2004. He was also given the distinction of 2012 Veterinarian of the Year by the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association. As someone who believes that communication is key to the doctor-client relationship, Dr. Garcia wanted to raise awareness about a few issues relevant to pet owners in our community.

“First of all I want to extend a big thank you to everyone that is part of the San Juan family,” Dr. Garcia said. “We are so grateful for all the wonderful people and animals that we get to work with, and we want to make sure to express how thankful we are to the community and everyone that has been with us through the years.”

Pet owners should be aware of the specific health issues that affect our community, and Dr. Garcia identified Heartworm prevention as one of those issues.

“The pet owners of our community and New Mexico should be informed about Heartworm disease,” he said. “It’s a very harmful parasite that can cause a lot of trouble if pets are not protected. The most important thing a pet owner can do is make sure their pets are protected through parasite preventatives. The cost of these preventatives is far less expensive than the cost of treatment, and it’s much more pleasant for your pet.”

If you need more information on how to protect your pet from parasites, please contact us today at (505) 326-2205. As Dr. Garcia mentioned, prevention is far easier, cheaper, and more effective than treating a pet with Heartworm disease.

In addition to parasites, Dr. Garcia also wanted to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering our dogs and cats. To learn more about spaying and neutering, click here.

A Message From Dr. Garcia“Spaying and neutering is incredibly important, not only to the animal’s health but also to the health of the general pet population. There are numerous health benefits, including a decreased risk of certain cancers, as well as behavioral benefits regarding aggression and other undesirable behaviors.”

Dr. Garcia went on to mention that spaying and neutering does a lot more than help your own pet.

“As far as the effect on the pet population, spaying and neutering reduces the number of homeless pets on the streets, many of which are needlessly euthanized every day.”

Another issue that faces New Mexican pet owners is the sun. It can get extremely hot in our part of the country, and pets are susceptible to heat related health problems since they rely on us to help them cool down.

“You should always be mindful of the temperature and how your pet is coping with the heat. Dogs and cats can only sweat through the pads on their paws so they need to regulate their temperature in other ways. Always make sure they have access to clean water and have a place to rest and cool down.”

As is the case every summer, Dr. Garcia wanted to alert people about leaving pets in cars.

“You should absolutely never leave your pet in a hot car, even with the window cracked. The temperature inside the vehicle can quickly approach dangerous levels, which can be fatal. Even if you don’t think it’s that hot or you won’t be gone long, it’s something that should never be done.”

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