We are AAHA-accredited

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The American Animal Hospital Association has developed a set of accreditation standards that are widely used as benchmarks to measure excellence in veterinary medicine. Currently, just 3,200 veterinary clinics hold the “AAHA-accredited” designation and San Juan Veterinary Hospital is proud to be one of them!

What AAHA-accreditation means for you and your pet is excellent service and the highest standard in veterinary care. AAHA-accreditation is a symbol of trust and excellence in the veterinary field, and knowing that your pet is cared for by an AAHA accredited hospital gives you peace of mind that your pet is being treated by the best.

We take your pet’s health care seriously, and our AAHA-accreditation is one of the many ways in which we show pet owners how much we care about their loved ones. We thank you for your continued support and we invite you to contact us today!